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Posted by bill - May 8th, 2013

Adust is a multiplayer flying-around-a-city WebGL game I have been working on recently. If you have Chrome or Firefox, you can try it here: You can use an XBox controller, if you have one. Press F for fullscreen.

Adust Screenshot

It is loosely based on my old “Cityscape” project, but a complete re-start. The city is randomly generated. At the moment, you can fly around, do deliveries for organisations and buy some equipment/ammo for your ship.

The idea:

  • The city has a general over-arching problem (eg. pollution, power, food, asteroid impact)
  • The city has 4 principle organisations (companies) who own a lot of it
  • Each organisation thinks it can solve the problem on its own for profit
  • You are to collaborate with other players to fix the city’s problem, for a temporary world effect boost to everyone

I have made progress with some of these things and it is basically playable, but it’s still very much a work-in-progress.

It’s built using Node.js, Three.jsCannon.js and  the networking is done with WebSockets, with a mind to augment that with WebRTC data channel when it gets more stable.

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  1. @schteppe

    Adust, a multiplayer flying-around-a-city WebGL game by @airbaggins, built using Node.js, Three.js and Cannon.js

  2. @daredevildave

    Saw this at #londonindies now you can play it too RT @wivlaro: Been working on this #WebGL game, Adust,