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Posted by bill - April 25th, 2007

If you want to try it out here is theĀ windows exe/source. Thumbnail 14071For the last few months, I had been working on a piece of software for the "festival" Artware 4. It was partially conceptually based on a piece that Arturo did a couple of years before: "Symbiosis". We have a virtual terrain projected on two walls. On the terrain, six "buildings" are initially created. From these buildings, "agents" spawn, moving around. The agents carry a slight mutation of the 'genetic material' of the building they come from. The agents follow simple rules for movement: Thumbnail 14066
  • Walk uphill if you're close to, or underwater
  • Turn downhill if you're walking uphill too steeply
  • Turn away from neighbours if it's "crowded"
  • Turn towards neighbours if it's not crowded, slowing down if there are neighbours from different 'buildings', if stopped, build another building with neighbours and die
There is a camera mounted in the ceiling tracking people as they moved around. On the terrain there is an avatar representation of the people being tracked. These avatars provide the buildings protection from destruction, also they attract nearby agents. Get it? Maybe you have to see moving it to understand it really... maybe. Anyway, The exhibition opened on my birthday! Which was quite nice. Free wine! Unfortunately, at the opening ceremony, it wasn't quite working. However, the following morning, given some space to think, instead of the stress of getting it all ready the previous weeks... I got it working. Sara documenting some people sticking my name to a wall which I had nothing to do with: Thumbnail 14053 Thumbnail 14058 This is where it actually belongs: Thumbnail 14063 Thumbnail 14068

And some drunken cheesy pictures ... oh dear I really needed a shave... Thumbnail 14088 Thumbnail 14084 Thumbnail 14082

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